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Paediatric Laparoscopic
Congenital Hernia
Laparoscopy offers a very good approach for Herniotomy in Paediatric age group .The contra-lateral side can also be assessed simultaneously and dealt with if impending herniation is detected.
The Mobilization of intra Abdominal testes is much easier and better under direct laparoscopic guidance and most of the times the testes can be brought down in a single stage by this technique whereas it may require a two stage procedure in open surgery.
Laparoscopic trans abdominal pyeloplasty (Classical Anderson Hynes or Y-V Plasty) is a routine laparoscopic procedure with comparable results as with open surgery. It has the special advantage in paediatric age group of early recovery as it is very difficult to make children take rest for a long time.
Removal of Appendix is called Appendectomy or Appendicectomy. Lap. Appendectomy is a common safe and cost effective method of removing the diseased appendix.
Colectomy for Mega Colon
The Colon can be mobilized laparoscopically and a perineal anastomosis can be performed with a circular stapling device. A proximal colostomy can be done under laparoscopic guidance for additional safety without opening the abdomen.
Abdominal Lymph Node Biopsy
A simple procedure which avoids a laparotomy and gives us the liberty to choose the best lymph node which can be taken and subjected to histo-pathological examination to reach a diagnosis of the disease process.