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LAPAROSCOPIC gynae Colposcopy
Colposcopy is the close examination of the uterine cervix using a special instrument called colposcope. It is an ideal tool to diagnose female lower genital tract lesions ,by studying the surface epithelium and the underlying connective tissue stroma along with the vascular pattern.
Evaluation of lower genital tract
Lugol Iodine
Delineation of lesions becomes easy by using Lugol Iodine and green filter. Normal epithelium appears Mahogany brown while abnormal epithelium does not take any stain.
Acetic Acid
Application of 3-5% Acetic Acid turns metaplastic and dysplastic areas Aceto-white.
Green filter
It absorbs red color, therefore the blood vessels stand out as black streaks.
Directed Biopsy
A biopsy from a point within the most abnormal area can be taken under colposcopic guidance. This is the gold standard for diagnosing cervical pre-cancerous conditions.
Destruction of abnormal tissue by the help of a Cryo-probe (cold probe) is called cryocautery. The tissue is frozen to -20 degrees C or lower which leads to intra and extra cellular crystallization and cryo-necrosis. The dead tissue is shed off and replaced with healthy tissue.
LEEP- (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure)
It is used to excise deeper lesions. The tissue thus removed can be sent for histopathological examination. This is a both a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.